A wide variety of accessories with possible combinations from the DURBAL Premium Line, DURBAL Classic Line and DURBAL Basic Line.

DURBAL offers clevises and folding spring bolts, angle joints, threaded links for linkages, threaded bolts for rod ends and spherical plain bearings. DURBAL also offers washers and rubber protector caps for rod ends and hexagonal locking nuts.

  • Clevises are connecting elements that are frequently used in industry. These products are used wherever there are simple movement sequences, e.g. sliding or axial offset compensation.

    DURBAL offers clevises and folding spring bolts for a wide range of applications, in accordance with DIN 71752.
    Clevises are used in combination with folding spring bolts to form an AFKB clevis joint, the simplest and quickest to assemble clevis joint. It is characterised by the speed at which is can be assembled and dismantled.

  • Angle joints in accordance with DIN 71802 act as connecting elements and guide elements for moving parts and create corner joints.

    DURBALangle joints transfer forces in the case of axial offset and movements, and are essential for all mechanical damping actions, by means of pulling, flaps or levers.
    The DURBAL range includes various sizes of angle joints with female threads.These angle joints are available from DURBAL as right-hand and left-hand threads.

  • Threaded links can be combined with all our rod ends with male threads of the Premium, Classic and Basic lines (Standard and inch versions). They are used for the independent production of heavy-duty system linkages.
  • Threaded bolts are used to form corner joints and can be fitted in rod ends and spherical plain bearings. They are available as standard or stainless steel version which can be fitted in rod ends and spherical plain bearings of Series K of the DURBAL Classic and Basic lines.
  • Our washers can provide additional protection for the bearing and they can be fitted in rod ends of Series K of the DURBAL Classic and Basic lines.
  • The rubber protector caps provide additional protection for the rod end and they can be fitted in rod ends of Series K of the DURBAL Classic and Basic lines.
  • Hexagonal locking nuts are available with standard threads, fine threads (zinc plated or in stainless steel version) and inch threads. Available with our rod ends of the Premium, Classic and Basic lines.