Heavy-duty rod ends

– Classic

A rod end (DIN ISO 12240-4) is generally a standardised, ready-to-install machine element used for the transfer of static and dynamic forces in connection with swivelling, tilting and turning movements.

DURBAL rod ends in accordance with DIN ISO 12240-4 consist of a housing, a bearing shell and an inner ring. The heavy-duty rod ends of the DURBAL Classic Line have an integrated and pressed spherical plain bearing. These rod ends are usually maintenance-free.

DURBAL now offers these Classic Line heavy-duty rod ends in maintenance required variants. These rod ends are available in the DURBAL range in Series K, E/EH and in inches. These DURBAL Classic Line rod ends in accordance with DIN ISO 8139 can also be combined with pneumatic cylinders.

The maintenance-free DURBAL rod ends of these series are primarily used in situations where swivelling movements are small and speeds are low. These rod ends can handle very high loads and are also suited for use with impact loads. The hard-chrome plated joint ball moves on a special glass fibre reinforced plastic plain bearing shell, with PTFE among the constituents to minimise friction. This design ensures total freedom from maintenance and also makes them practically free from backlash. The plastic used (DURBAL GLIDE) has the useful secondary property of taking up any penetrating foreign bodies and encasing them safely.

The maintenance-required rod ends in these series are primarily used in situations of alternating stresses or impact loads and are preferred in situations where swivelling movements are large. These rod ends are only suitable for certain rotational movements. 

Here, too, the hard-chrome plated joint ball offers effective protection against corrosion, which ensures that, even in damp conditions the function of the rod end is not impaired by rust on the surface of the ball.

All sizes in this series consist of a forged part and a quenched and tempered rod end housing. This makes these DURBAL rod ends extremely hardwearing. We also offer the maintenance-free and maintenance-required rod ends in stainless steel.

Heavy-duty rod ends – maintenance-free plain bearing
Heavy-duty rod ends – maintenance-required plain bearing