Heavy-duty rod ends

– Premium

A rod end (DIN ISO 12240-4) is generally a standardised, ready-to-install machine element used for the transfer of static and dynamic forces in connection with swivelling, tilting and turning movements.

The heavy-duty rod ends in our DURBAL Premium Line in accordance with DIN ISO 12240-4 consist of a housing, and inner ring with integrated self-aligning roller or ball bearing

Furthermore, these rod ends are available in various versions, i.e. Series K, as special versions and in inches. There are also the rod ends with self-aligning ball bearings made from stainless steel. We also offer rod ends in accordance with DIN ISO 8139 with pneumatic cylinder connections.

These rod ends are low maintenance. All versions are also available with female or male threads.

The heavy-duty rod ends of the DURBAL Premium Line are especially suited to use at high speeds, with large swivelling angles or rotating movements. They can also take high loads.

Our low maintenance rod ends can be greased subsequently by means of a funnel-type lubrication nipple or conical grease nipple and have food-grade approval. Further special grease nipples are available on request.

Covering discs on both sides to prevent the penetration of coarse dirt particles inside the bearing, thereby ensuring a longer service life.

Heavy-duty rod ends – low maintenance roller bearing
Heavy-duty rod ends – low maintenance self-aligning ball bearing