We provide individual customer solutions with our DURBAL heavy-duty linkages (systems). With these heavy-duty linkages (systems) we can build up all our products from the Premium, Classic and Basic lines as a modular combined system.

The different single components of these heavy-duty linkages are of highest quality, precisely produced and signalize consistent reliability.

We offer these heavy-duty linkages (systems) in various materials: steel with or without zinc plated, stainless steel, aluminium, DURBAL-Coat and others on request.

Following designs are available:

  • Linkage 01: with hexagon pipe or round material, mounted with male rod ends
  • Linkage 02: with reduced or round pipe, mounted with male rod ends
  • Linkage 03: from flat- or laser cut material, with pressed spherical-plain bearing or injected joint ball (DURBAL-Glide)
  • Linkage 04: with male pipe; round material or hexagon pipe with male thread, mounted with female rod ends, clevises or angle joints
  • Linkage 05: with round material or hexagon pipe, combined mounted with female or male rod ends, clevises or angle joints.


  • Many variations available that can combined individually and modularly
  • Machine set-up times can be clearly reduced with these easy to use system-applications
  • Convenient article management due to reduced article-numbers (one system instead of different single items)

This gives you, the customer, a free choice of combination of DURBAL heavy-duty rod ends, DURBAL heavy-duty spherical plain bearings, clevises and angle joints. DURBAL offer a variety of solution types to respond to your specific requirements.