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Our DURBAL brand product portfolio in the DURBAL Premium Line, DURBAL Classic Line and DURBAL Basic Line covers a very broad range, enabling us to supply to a wide variety of industrial sectors, concentrating on packaging, food processing and mechanical engineering.

Heavy-duty rod ends and spherical plain bearings are used in standard and stainless steel antifriction bearing and plain bearing variants. Our customers can rely on these rod ends and spherical plain bearings which are used in numerous different applications.

Customer-specific solutions now represent almost 20% of our turnover. Our products for manufacturers in the renewable energy sector producing solar or wind power plants may if requested have a special corrosion protection, the DURBAL COAT.

System solutions have been specially developed for the mechanical engineering sector and the production of military vehicles, using a variety of components based on heavy-duty rod ends or spherical plain bearings. DURBAL expertise is in demand for all kinds of applications involving turning, tilting and swivelling movements - DURBAL VISION TECHNOLOGY.


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