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Increasing productivity is a very important argument in the agricultural machinery industry. DURBAL offers special solutions for agricultural machinery manufacturers. With our Classic Line DURBAL-Glide rod ends and spherical plain bearings, we offer a longer wear and very long service life due to the greater thickness of the sliding layer compared to other sliding materials.

Conventional manufacturers on the market offer a thin PTFE film that is inserted or glued into the outer ring of the spherical plain bearing and is destroyed by the slightest foreign object which intrudes and can thus lead to failure of the rod ends and spherical plain bearings. In order to be able to repel this dirt generally, our market competitors are obliged to attach a special sealing solution to their rod ends and spherical plain bearings or they can only offer a version that requires maintenance as an alternative. This must be relubricated at great expense regularly.

DURBAL offers you a clever solution with our injected special plastic (DURBAL-Glide). This has the pleasant secondary property of absorbing foreign bodies and enclosing them harmlessly.

Thanks to many years of experience in this area, we can reliably manufacture these special features, and special customer requests such as a special torque which is also possible here.

Our team of experts will be happy to help you, we look forward to your inquiry.

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