DURBAL racing!

DURBAL racing is a synonym for high speed and precision.

We have been successfully involved in motorsport for many years and are partners of discerning and glorious names in the business.

The advantages of our high-quality standards and manual finishing in this area are shown above all by the precise small series production, the high load capacity with particularly small and precise radial clearance and the extremely low weight of these products.

With our new DURBAL heavy-duty rod ends made of aluminium, we can achieve a weight reduction of approx. 50% compared to a comparable steel rod end. All our rod ends are injected with our DURBAL-Glide (bearing race). Due to the greater thickness of the sliding layer, this solution offers a longer wear and very long service life compared to other sliding materials.

Conventional manufacturers on the market offer a thin PTFE sheet that is glued into the outer ring of the spherical plain bearing and is destroyed by the slightest foreign body which intrudes and can thus lead to failure of the rod ends and spherical plain bearings. To be able to repel this dirt generally, our market competitors are obliged to attach a special sealing on their rod ends and spherical plain bearings.

With our injected special plastic (DURBAL-Glide) we have an almost perfect solution. It has the pleasant secondary property of absorbing foreign bodies and enclosing them harmlessly. In addition, we offer a radial bearing clearance of 0 - 10 µm, which means there is no clearance (slight preload of the joint ball).

Thanks to many years of experience in this area, we can reliably manufacture these special features, and special customer requests such as a special torque for example.

Design plays an important role in motorsport. All rod end housings from our ALU series are made of high-strength aluminium, have very good corrosion resistance and an extremely hard and scratch-resistant surface that is anodized silver as standard, but different colour variations are also possible on request.

Other typical applications in motorsport are our heavy-duty linkages for the front and rear axles as steering stabilizers or for the suspension of the rear wing pendulum support. We can install all our products from our Premium, Classic and Basic areas as modular, combinable systems onto these linkages. We have a multitude of solutions ready for your needs.

Our heavy-duty spherical plain bearings are also successfully installed in the field of motorcycle steering dampers or shock absorbers. The main thing here is a precise and small radial bearing clearance, which must be met with a special torque.

All these points are important in motorsport these days and they can be delivered by DURBAL.

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