DURBAL-COAT can be supplied only in conjunction with our maintenance-free rod ends of the Classic Line BEM / BEF / EM / EF; we do recommend in this case the use of a joint ball made of stainless steel. This coating system multistage constructed denotes a surface treatment with very good corrosion protection properties, which has been demonstrated in the salt spray test (NSS). The layer structure consists of an electrodeposited cathodic zinc-nickel layer with subsequent passivation and a final, organic topcoat with aluminium flakes.

Using this method for the galvanic deposition of highly corrosion resistant zinc-nickel coatings we combine functional corrosion protection with an attractive surface design. Typical applications of components with zinc-nickel coating are automotive and electrical industry, equipment, mechanical engineering as well as metal processing. Furthermore materials such as cast iron that are very difficult to coat can safely be coated with this method.


  • Economic processes
  • High long-term corrosion protection
  • Constant film thickness distribution
  • Bending and beading possible
  • Increased temperature resistance
  • High adhesion of passivation
  • Attractive optical design
  • Partial coating possible
  • Inner anode technology
  • Environmentally compliant

Due to European Directive, many manufacturers have to change the surface coating of metal components on chrome (VI)-free surface. DURBAL supplies you chromium (VI)-free galvanic zinc-nickel surface in a quality that meets all automotive specifications and surface standards or even exceeds these formalities. This specially developed corrosion protection system is temperature-resistant and even in extreme temperature conditions, e.g. in the engine compartment or in the brake area, the protective effect is fully retained. This corrosion protection system is environmentally friendly and has already
established itself.

Suitable materials

  • Steel
  • Grey cast iron

Corrosion resistance – values given were detected at the part in external test laboratories

  • 168 h without white rust according to DIN EN ISO 9227
  • 720 h without red rust according to DIN EN ISO 9227

Surface free from chromium

  • TRICOAT silver > organic topcoat with aluminium-flakes
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