Grease & grease nipples

DURBAL grease
We greases all Premium articles as standard with a high-performance grease that can also be used in the food industry.

We use:
Klübersynth UH 1 14-151
Synthetic grease for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Advantages for your application

  • Reduces the risk of premature bearing failure due to its good corrosion protection
  • Avoidance of inadequate lubrication due to the good pumpability in central lubrication systems
  • Applicable over a wide range of service temperatures due to its soft consistency
  • Service temperature range from -45°C to +120°C
  • NSF-H 1 registration, registration number 056354
  • According to the manufacturer, this special grease is intended for the lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, lifting cylinders, joints and guide rods.

All maintenance required Classic- and Basic-Line products are oiled on delivery. Please note that the initial lubrication must be carried out by the user.

DURBAL grease nipples
We offer standard and special sizes grease nipples in zinc plated and stainless steel versions. Our lubricatable Heavy-duty-; Standard- and hydraulic rod ends can be supplied with lubricant via a lubricating nipple and a grease gun. This is supplied in the standard form as either a funnel-type (DIN 3405 D1/A) or conical lubricating (DIN 71412 H1) nipple. Other versions are available at any time on request. Please note, that the use of a non standard lubricating nipple causes a cross sectional variation for the housing which means a reduction of the static load capacity Co.

For further information and complete product information please contact our technical management.

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