This is a surface treatment built up by means of several coats with very good corrosion protection properties. The coat formation consists of a galvanically separated, cathodic zinc-iron coat with subsequent passivation and a final organic outer layer with aluminium flakes. By using this process for the galvanic separation of highly corrosion-resistant zinc-iron coatings we combine effective corrosion protection with an attractive surface design. Classic areas of application for components with zinc-iron coatings include the automotive and electronics industries, appliance and machinery manufacture and sheet metal working. Materials that are usually difficult to coat such as cast iron (CI, GCI) can be reliably coated using this method.

Our users will also appreciate the fact that our Classic Line heavy-duty rod ends that have been treated with DURBAL Coat have a higher load rating than the stainless steel variants of this Series. They are also more cost-efficient than the stainless steel variants.