Our DURBAL Premium Line heavy duty rod ends with integrated self-aligning roller bearings or self-aligning ball bearings are available in Series K, as special parts or in inches.

We manufacture the new DURBAL heavy duty spherical plain bearings in versions with integrated self-aligning roller bearings or self-aligning ball bearings.

We provide individual customer solutions with our DURBAL heavy-duty system linkages. With these heavy-duty system linkages we can build up all our products from the Premium, Classic and Basic lines.
The heavy-duty rod ends of the DURBAL Classic Line have an integrated and pressed spherical plain bearing. The integral spherical plain bearing variant is maintenance free, while the fixed version requires maintenance. These rod ends are available in the DURBAL range in Series K, E/EH and in inches.

The DURBAL Basic Line includes a comprehensive product range covering a wide variety of product categories.

The standard rod ends of the Basic Line, with fixed spherical plain bearings, are available as either maintenance free or maintenance required. DURBAL also provides these rod ends in Series K, E and in inches.

The DURBAL spherical plain bearings include maintenance required and maintenance free versions in Series K, E, G and W and even in inches.

The maintenance-required hydraulic rod ends from DURBAL come as standard with a female thread for hydraulic cylinders with welding studs.

DURBAL clevises and folding spring bolts have a wide range of uses as connecting elements in industry.

All our rod ends with female threads of the DURBAL Premium, Classic and Basic Lines, as well as our clevises, can be used for pneumatic cylinders in accordance with DIN ISO 8139.

As connecting and guide elements for moving parts, DURBAL angle joints can be used to form corner joints. The DURBAL range of accessories allows for a wide range of combinations between products from the DURBAL Premium, Classic and Basic Lines. For instance, DURBAL offers threaded links for linkages, and threaded bolts for rod ends and spherical plain bearings. DURBAL also offers washers and rubber protector caps for rod ends and hexagonal locking nuts.