For a good eight decades now, we have been involved in the production of rod ends and spherical plain bearings.

While these elements, with integral self-aligning ball bearings, were originally used under the name of the company founder, SCHLEGEL, only in the aircraft industry, DURBAL heavy-duty rod ends and heavy-duty spherical plain bearing have now become well-known for their quality, reliability and prevision in all industrial sectors.

As a member of the Rollon Group, DURBAL Metallwarenfabrik GmbH and the entire DURBAL team stand by the production site in Öhringen, which has been our home since 1959.

High quality standards
and manual finishing

Rod ends & spherical plain bearings in PREMIUM-, CLASSIC and BASIC-Line

Company profile

Since 1979 the name of DURBAL has been a byword for the highest quality, reliability and precision in all areas relating to turning, tilting and swivelling movements, the applications in which our heavy-duty rod ends and heavy-duty spherical plain bearings are used.

Company history

Wolfgang Schlegel was the founder of the company. He was an amateur pilot and one day had the ambitious idea of creating a perfect product. He developed a rod end with integral self-aligning ball bearing, actuator rod and flight control rod for aviation.

Quality and environmental management

DURBAL is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and newly also to EN 9100:2018 for Aviation, Space and Defence standards. The sustainability of our work is derived not only from our Group tradition, but also our environmental awareness (ISO 14001:2015).

Product Database

Our DURBAL brand product portfolio in the DURBAL Premium Line, DURBAL Classic Line and DURBAL Basic Line covers a very broad range, enabling us to supply to a wide variety of industrial sectors, concentrating on packaging, food processing and mechanical engineering.

Production and

The major advantages of DURBAL lies in its commitment to sustainability, on the one hand, this is reflected in the company's long-standing tradition.

Product lines

DURBAL develops and produces high quality sliding- and antifriction bearing rod ends and spherical plain bearings for the mechanical engineering, packaging and food industries. We offer a very broad portfolio and we produce a catalogue of approx. 2,200 standard articles.

Jobs and careers

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Code of Ethics

DURBAL is aware that ethical behaviour is a value and a prerequisite for the success of companies.